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Meet us

Dave Scott

Dave is your Landlord!

Always up for a laugh and always see's the funny side in a situation.

He prides him self on his cellar work and always maintains his beers to an excellent quality!

Why not try one and let us know what you think?

Jamie Tams

Jamie is 24 years old and is a car enthusiast & loves all the detailing and making cars look nice.

He is our chef and we are increadibly lucky to have him!

come and have a meal and tell us your thoughts!

Ann Scott

Ann is your Landlady!

She is a very caring woman and has always a good word to say about everyone.

She is the licencee of the pub so any thing anyone would like to know, shes your girl! 

Kim Scott

Kim is the daughter to Dave & Ann.

She is 23 & is an aspiring gymnastics coach.

she will be working behind the bar and also serving food.

As well as updating our social media and website daily.

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